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Ford Originals



The discovery of a trove of more than 50 original Charley Harper paintings that were part of the private Corporate Art Collection of the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan was recently announced the the artist's estate. According to a prominent Harper dealer "Ford commissioned these works from the 1940's through the mid 1960's, and each of thepaintings appeared at one time or another in either the Ford Times or Lincoln Mercury Times magazines. Most Harper fans and collectors have never seen these works. The discovery of thesepaintings even came as a surprise to Charley's son, Brett.

Says Charley's son, Director of The Charley Harper Art Studio, "When the Ford Motor Company historian called to tell me that he had located a vault of 3000 paintings, including this mother lode of my dad's original, commissioned paintings, I was floored. I felt like I was opening a buried treasure chest that had been locked up for more than 35 years."



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